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Hart Computer Solutions

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Computer Repair / IT Support

Maricopa, AZ

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Computer Repair & IT Support Website

We had so much fun designing Hart Computer Solutions’ website. This project was especially fun because we LOVE TECHnology. Hart Computer Solutions is a computer repair shop in Maricopa, AZ – they provide computer services for families and small businesses. Their said their main goal was, “We need to show up on Google and Bing when someone searches ‘computer repair maricopa az’ – also, I want my clients to be able to schedule a time to drop off their computers on my website”. We said, “Absolutely – we’d love to” And that’s exactly what we did. We helped their computer business pop up in multiple places on the first page of Google and on the first page of Bing. They said that they gets multiple calls and e-mails a day off of their website.

In fact, if you search that same keyword now you will see Hart Computer Solutions pops up as the 1st or 2nd listing on the 1st page of Google. Try it, go to www.google.com, type in the keywords ‘computer repair maricopa az’ – you will see for yourself. You will probably see them pop up a few times. They even pop up for other keywords that pertain to their business like ‘laptop repair maricopa az’ and ‘computer services maricopa az’.

We asked them – What do you like most about the services we provide for your business? They said, “Our website popping up on Google is the best form of advertising we have. We get more work off our website than we do from any other form of advertising we do”.